Yokluğunda Akor

Yokluğunda Akor, Seda Sayan’ın en meşhur şarkılarından biridir. İki akoruyla kolayca çalınabilen bu şarkının akorlarını buradan bulabilirsiniz.

Yokluğunda Akor: An Overview

Yokluğunda Akor refers to a musical notation that is commonly used in Turkish music. This article will cover everything you need to know about Yokluğunda Akor, including its definition, history, and how it is used in modern music.

What Is Yokluğunda Akor?

Yokluğunda Akor is a term used in Turkish music to describe a specific type of chord notation. This notation is used to represent the chords that are played during a certain section of a song. Unlike Western music notation, which uses specific symbols to represent chords, Turkish music notation relies on the use of numbers and letters.

History of Yokluğunda Akor

The origins of Yokluğunda Akor can be traced back to the early days of Turkish music. As the style of Turkish music evolved, so too did the notation used to represent it. While the earliest forms of Turkish music notation were based on Arabic and Persian systems, by the mid-19th century a distinct style of Turkish music notation had emerged.

This new style of notation, which included Yokluğunda Akor, was based on the use of letters and numbers to represent chords. By the mid-20th century, this notation had become the standard for Turkish music, and is still in use today.

Using Yokluğunda Akor in Modern Music

While Yokluğunda Akor is a traditional form of music notation, it is still used in modern Turkish music. In fact, many contemporary Turkish musicians use Yokluğunda Akor as a way to stay connected to their musical roots.

Yokluğunda Akor is also an important tool for those who want to learn to play traditional Turkish music. By learning to read and understand this notation, musicians can play popular songs and traditional pieces with ease.


Yokluğunda Akor is an important part of Turkish music history and tradition. While this form of notation may seem different from Western music notation, it is important to remember that it is a vital part of the rich and diverse musical culture of Turkey.


1. What does Yokluğunda Akor mean?

Yokluğunda Akor is a Turkish term that refers to a specific type of chord notation used in Turkish music.

2. How is Yokluğunda Akor different from Western music notation?

Yokluğunda Akor uses letters and numbers to represent chords, while Western music notation uses specific symbols.

3. Is Yokluğunda Akor still used in modern Turkish music?

Yes, Yokluğunda Akor is still used in modern Turkish music.

4. Can Yokluğunda Akor be used to play Western music?

No, Yokluğunda Akor is specific to Turkish music and cannot be used to play Western music.

5. How difficult is it to learn Yokluğunda Akor?

The difficulty of learning Yokluğunda Akor depends on the individual’s musical background and experience. However, with practice and dedication, it can be learned by anyone.

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