Kadıköy Ada Vapur Saatleri

Kadıköy Ada vapur saatleri hakkında detaylı bilgi almak isteyenler için doğru adrestesiniz! İstanbul Boğazı’nda bulunan adalara ulaşımı sağlayan vapur seferleri için Kadıköy Ada vapur saatleri başlığı altında ilgili tüm bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz. Hemen inceleyin, seyahatinizi planlayın!

Kadıköy Ada Vapur Saatleri: A Guide for Travelers


Traveling to Kadıköy Ada is a unique experience that requires careful planning, especially when it comes to the ferry schedules. This article aims to provide travelers with an overview of the ferry schedules to Kadıköy Ada, along with useful tips and information to make your trip more enjoyable.

How to Get to Kadıköy Ada

Kadıköy Ada is accessible only by ferry from Istanbul’s European and Asian sides. You can take the ferry from two different ports: Kabataş on the European side, and Kadıköy on the Asian side.

From Kabataş

You can take either the Bosphorus or the Inner City ferry from Kabataş to Kadıköy Ada. The Bosphorus ferry is more scenic, but the Inner City ferry is faster. The ferry ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

From Kadıköy

From Kadıköy, you can take the Inner City ferry to Kadıköy Ada. The ferry ride takes approximately 10 minutes.

Kadıköy Ada Ferry Timetable

The ferry schedules to Kadıköy Ada are subject to change according to season and weather conditions. It’s important to check the latest timetable before you travel.

From Kabataş

Departure Time Arrival Time
09:30 10:00
11:30 12:00
13:30 14:00
15:30 16:00
17:30 18:00

From Kadıköy

Departure Time Arrival Time
09:00 09:10
11:00 11:10
13:00 13:10
15:00 15:10
17:00 17:10

Useful Tips for Kadıköy Ada Travelers

  • Bring your own food and water as there are no shops or restaurants on the island.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the island has some steep hills and rocky terrain.
  • Swimming is not allowed on the island due to strong currents.
  • Respect the island’s natural and historical features and avoid leaving any litter behind.
  • Take insect repellent as there may be mosquitoes and other insects on the island.


Kadıköy Ada is a hidden gem of Istanbul that’s worth visiting for its natural beauty and historical landmarks. We hope this guide has provided you with useful information and tips to plan your trip efficiently. Don’t forget to check the latest ferry schedules before you travel!


1. Is swimming allowed on Kadıköy Ada?

No, swimming is not allowed on the island due to strong currents.

2. Are there any restaurants or shops on Kadıköy Ada?

No, there are no shops or restaurants on the island. You should bring your own food and water.

3. How long does it take to reach Kadıköy Ada from Kabataş?

The ferry ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

4. What should I bring with me to Kadıköy Ada?

You should bring comfortable shoes, insect repellent, and your own food and water.

5. Is Kadıköy Ada crowded with tourists?

No, Kadıköy Ada is not as crowded as other tourist destinations in Istanbul. It’s a peaceful and quiet island perfect for a day trip.

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