Gelinim Mutfakta 2 Temmuz Puan Durumu

“Gelinim Mutfakta 2 Temmuz Puan Durumu’nda hangi gelin yarışmanın lideri oldu? Detaylı puan tablosu ve sıralama listesi burada. Takip etmek için tıklayın!”

Gelinim Mutfakta 2 Temmuz Puan Durumu

What is Gelinim Mutfakta?

Gelinim Mutfakta is a popular Turkish cooking competition show that is currently airing its 6th season. The show invites couples to compete against each other by preparing various dishes within a given time frame. Each day, one couple becomes the host, while other couples act as guests, and the menu for the day is decided by the host couple. The guests then rate the dishes based on their taste, presentation, and originality. The couple with the highest score wins the competition and the prize.

2 Temmuz Puan Durumu

As of July 2nd, 2021, Gelinim Mutfakta is on its 47th episode. The current scores of the couples are as follows:

1. İkbal & İhsan – 37.5 Points

İkbal and İhsan are the current leaders of the competition with an excellent score of 37.5 points. They have consistently impressed both the hosts and the guests with their innovative and delicious dishes. İhsan is a professional chef, and his expertise is evident in the dishes they prepare. They have won the competition four times so far and are a strong contender for the grand prize.

2. Şehrazat & Hasan – 32.5 Points

Şehrazat and Hasan are the second-highest scorers with 32.5 points. They have also been consistent in their performance and have won the competition twice so far. Hasan is a hobby chef, and he enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and cooking styles. Their teamwork and communication in the kitchen have impressed the guests.

3. Burcu & İbrahim – 30.5 Points

Burcu and İbrahim are in the third position with 30.5 points. They have won the competition once so far and have been praised for their creativity in dish presentation. İbrahim is also a professional chef, and his experience in cooking is reflected in their dishes.

4. Lale & Selim – 22.5 Points

Lale and Selim are at the bottom of the scoreboard with 22.5 points. However, they have also won the competition once and have impressed the guests with their use of local ingredients in their dishes. Lale is known for her attention to detail in dish presentation, while Selim’s expertise in grilling is often showcased in their menus.

What to Expect in the Next Episodes?

The competition is getting more intense as the couples compete against each other to win the grand prize. The guests are always looking forward to what the host couple will prepare next and how the other couples will rate the dishes. In the upcoming episodes, viewers can expect to see more innovative, creative, and tasty dishes from the contestants as they put their skills to the test.


Gelinim Mutfakta is an exciting show that showcases the culinary skills of Turkish couples. The 2 Temmuz Puan Durumu indicates that the competition is getting tougher, and the couples are striving to impress the guests with their dishes. It will be interesting to see who will emerge as the ultimate winner of the competition. Stay tuned!


1. How long is the competition?

The competition usually lasts for 12 weeks, with each week featuring 5 episodes.

2. What is the grand prize?

The grand prize for the winning couple is typically a cash prize and a kitchen renovation.

3. Who are the hosts of the show?

The current hosts of Gelinim Mutfakta are Buket Aşçıbaşı and Onur Büyüktopçu.

4. How are the dishes rated?

The dishes are rated based on their taste, presentation, and originality. Each guest gives a score out of 10 for each criterion, and the scores are totaled at the end.

5. Can the recipes be found on the show’s website?

Yes, the recipes for the dishes prepared on the show can be found on the show’s website.

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